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Bills Birthday Bash

As we grow older we come to learn that birthdays suck. This one is no different

A Lonely man sets up for his 39th birthday party. He’s made all the right preparations. He’s sent out invitations to friends and family and even invited everyone from the office. Did he buy the right amount of refreshments? What about The cake? Is there enough to go around? Filmed over one day in June of 2015
Edited By: Rob Comeau Executive Producer: R.W. Production Manager: Mikhail Petgrave Production Coordinator: Kate Ferry Sound Recordist: Marco A. Furgiulle Art Director: Kate Ferry Makeup Artist: Dawn Grant Production Assistants: Devante Thomas & Heather Beresford Music Supervisor: Justin O'Heir Sound Designer: Andrew Chalk Composer: Edi Nandrea Additional Music: "Crazy But True" Chris And The Heir's Concept Artwork: Tessah Heckbert Voice Actors: Creditor - Skyler Yuda Glen - Corey Sevier Janette - Sarah Waldrop Steve - James Kaylor Steve's Friend - James Kaylor Telemarketer - Emily Marie Gilbert Additional Voice Talent: Andy Lam Jonathan Tao Justin O'Heir Tessah Heckbert Special Thanks To: Tyler Leece
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